Retrieving backed up files

I did a file backup on my WD Passport 1600 prior to doing a system recover on my e-machine T5224 Windows Vista Home Premium.  My question is how do I restore those files??  I cannot seem to figure it out, I think I am missing a program or something the files are there but when I go to windows system restore it does not list that restore point?  Does anyone have any idea’s I sure would appreciate it.  Now they show up as backup zip files on the WD Drive if that helps.  I seem to remember there being a installed application of the Passport that sort of walked you through it, was that WDSYNC?

Well WD Sync is not a backup software

this is a sync software and you’ll need the same app to restore the files

the sad part is that is not compatible with Win 7

you can connect to a computer with XP or Vista and then migrate the files once they have been "decompressed "