Retrieving Backed Up Files

I am a new user of the MD My Book Essential External HD.  I down loaded their User Manual, and I believe I have successfully backed up my entire PC (about 6GB of data).  I  then tried to retrieve a few simple photos/files using the WD User Manual, and I am very confused.  Is there any simpler step-by-step instructions on how to get to a file, other than what the WD user manual says??.  I am not very computer literate and most likely making a simple task difficult.


I’m not computer savvy so if someone can help me please, please communicate in the simplest terms. I think I backed up my files correctly. I performed an erase and install on my mac g5. Now I can not retrieve my data.  It appears if the wd my book for mac is telling me to install instead of retrieve. I read the users manual but I can not find the retrieve tab.  please someone help.   



Do you have a model number and or which software you are using?