Retrievel problems

Hi i have a 1tb my book hard drive and i need to get an old back up off it and on to my new laptop, when you click on retrieve nothing shows up? but on the home page it shows there is something stored on the drive? if i go into the drive manually via my computer i can find my files but if i try and copy them from there the dont transfer across properly? can any body help with this.


You have not specified what is on your new laptop. Did you restore the Windows setup to the way it was on your old laptop?

To transfer an OS between an old laptop and a new laptop you generally need a disk image. Backups by themselves won’t work as far as I know unless you restore the old OS onto the new laptop.

Need more info.

I won’t use WD backup for that reason. The stock backup on Win 7 is better. It creates a disk image if you want one and has more flexibility. A disk image contains a backup as well as all the data Windows needs to run on a different hard drive.