Retrieve to new hard drive?


My computer crashed a while ago. I’ve got a big backup file on my WD Passport 1TB from the old computer. When I bought a new computer, I manually moved my most important files from the old hard drive to my new one.

Now, if I want to retrieve files from my WD backup, how will files be replaced? The current files *on the computer* is more recent than the ones in the backup, will the newer files be replaced by the old ones on the WD HDD, or will only missing files in the destination folder be added?

I’m a bit scared that the files on the computer (Which are newer) will be replaced and lots of work gone, so how does it work? I’m unable to find any info about overwrite policies.


Hi Webkungen, welcome to the WD Community. If you are referring to Smartware, it will create a separate folder called smartware.swstor inside the external drive, this folder will contain any backups you create and will be separate from any other files you copied manually. 

I had to retrieve mine a few weeks back due to a new hard drive. While a pop up should let you choose if you want to replace a newer file with the old one you can choose, if you want to take the time, before you start the retrieve by using the drop down menus. See image below.

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