Retrieve deleted data?

I feel like a dumb ass for getting a little to happy with the delete key!! Is there away to retrieve data that has been deleted? I did notice there is the time machine if only (I’m assuming you would have had to set it up??) it worked by it self then I guess it would not be an issue. I also have found that it is rather difficult to find software that can retrieve deleted data on external hard drives…(yes i have done this often so I’m familiar with issue) so hopefully you can help!
The Happy Deleter!! :wink:

Hi vanbarkley96 ,

Unfortunately, WD does not have any software that can retrieve the deleted data. However, you can check out some third party apps that do so.:slight_smile:

well I do know about third party software but, I’m finding that they don’t see all extended hard drives I have 2 and it only sees 1 and that’s the 1 I need. Thanks

Is there any software providers better than others? Looking to retrieve original files deleted from an Elements.