Retrieve backup when computer has crashed

Hi everyone, just joined this community in the hope someone can help me.
Recently purchased “My Book” external hard drive and have set it up to do full back up of my ‘C’ drive every other day.
My question is, if my computer completely crashes how do I retrieve the back up’s?

I have Windows 10 installed

Hoping someone can help me




In order to retrieve a backup you just need to plug the drive to the new computer, install the software and then select the retrieve option. You can also just access the backup folder in the root of the drive and retrieve the files manually.

Hi Hamlet and thanks for your reply.
I am enquiring if my computer crashes, not for a new one.
If I cannot access my boot drive i.e. the ‘C’ drive when I reboot my computer, how do I access my back ups from my external drive (‘H’) “My Book” to retrieve my operating system and files?
Anyone able to help me please?