Retiring old drive

I thought I would submit a good report.

I am retiring a WD10EACS (Green) that has been in use 24/7 since 2008. The server has been shut down only for hardware maintenance. There is nothing wrong with the drive other than it is getting full. Drive had been formatted with a UNIX file system(ufs) and has been used as a backup drive to store compressed tar balls. There is activity on it daily for writes and deletes. Restores have had to been done in the past with good reads. A slow drive, but in the middle of the night it doesn’t matter. All the drives in the case have had fans blowing air over them for cooling. After running some disk utilities to check the health the drive is fine. I have wiped it one pass with all nines and a pass with all zeros. I now have a 1TB drive that could be used in a emergency.

I am replacing it with a WD40EZRZ an hope that it will give me the same service.If the new one dies I can replace it and submit all the backups and stand back for a few hours.