Resurrecting a My Book World Edition II

After searching all of my newer drives for some lost photos I have tried to dust off a long-idled My Book World Edition II model WDEC WD1001FAES_75W7A0. Can anyone provide instructions for how to read the contents of this drive? It was used only to back up files (2x 1TB, set up as RAID). It powers up nicely and was replaced only because it was too small to keep up to my increasing needs. It hasn’t been used for years, so instead of Windows 10 it would have been used with W7 or W XP, if that matters.

The closest I’ve come to accessing the drive’s contents is the administrator screen
Thanks for your help.


You could refer to the following link:

The WD Support site has Legacy Device documentation ( You should be able to find the User Manual for your device. I just downloaded the doc for my WD MyBookWorld II and it helped.

guys… i just got this from my Uncle, it is 10 years old. is there any way u can access the files from external network & iphone?
Currently i just use it as FTP within my network. i read all possible documnetation but unable to set up to use outside my network. Not sure if any app would help? i cannot port forward due to my ISP…