Resume video

Please, Is that possible that nobody knows how to do in order that my WDTV Live remember where I stop the movie after turn off the unit? (I use to STOP and then turn OFF)

I’m using FW 1.04.17 and a USB 1.5TB drive.



Hi all,

i’m interested too. I have a Bewan iMedia HD100 (i think it’s the same Sigma chipset) too and it’s able to do it without any problem so this is not a “hardware” problem :(…

May someone from the support can help us with that, or perhaps implement it in the next firmware release :wink: ?




It has been fixed for most people in the CURRENT firmware.

The WDTV Live and Live+ save the RESUME POINT DATA to the NAS.

Hi TonyPh12345 and thanks for the answer…

but i’ve updated my WD to the latest firmware and on my NAS (Synology 1010+) when the WD read a film the user “logged” in Upnp is a “guest”. So to my knowledge he don’t have the “write” privilege on the NAS. So the resume point data will never be saved :(.

Do you know a way to bypass that ?

TIA. Amicably,



Yes, give it WRITE priveledges.

Hi and thanks again TonyPh12345 :wink:

Good try but i give him write priviledges without success :(…

In my log file i have a trace that the user read the file but no one with an attempt to write a file on the NAS… Are you sure that the WD write something on the NAS ?




It’s supposed to…   However, it doesn’t appear to work all the time.

It works on two of my NAS boxes, but not my Win7 box or my QNAP…

ok thanks for the feedback ;).

So it doesn’t seems to works on Synology DS1010+ too.