Resume Video - My Book Live

The My Book user defined to the WD Live Plus has write privileges. I can delete files via the file manager dialog, however, I cannot resume a video when the WD Live has been powered off and back on. I can resume if the unit is still powered up. It does not matter if I access the video from the medial player or as a network share. It appears that the WD is not updating the .wd_tv files.

WD Live Plus - Firmware - 1:06.16_B

My Book Live - Firmware - 02.11.09-053

Thanks… cj

If I recall, for the PLUS, Resume Data is only written to a share for DVD media, not for any other types of files.

TonyPh12345… I have 2 Zyxel NAS that do resume any video file.  Funny, there is a video_resume_point_table in the.wd _tv directory with an old date. I will remove the subdirectory and see if this helps… Thanks… cj

The plot thickens… The My Book Live does resume on an older (non Plus) WD TV Live. This is at firmware version 1.06.15_V.  What is really confusing is that there is no .wd_tv folder on the device. Maybe it is a function of Twonky, seeing it is active and being used. This makes no difference on the WD TV Live Plus… cj

I contacted WD Support about this problem.

“The WD TV Live Plus media player only has a resume function while the unit is on. The moment that you turn it off and turn it back on, it will not recall what you were watching. This resume function, at least to this level, is present only on devices with Mochi, which is the system that the WD TV Live Hub and WD TV Live Streaming Media Players run.”

Good way for WD to move us to the next level of media player. cj