Resume Play

Hi, does the smp save resume play files like the my old wdtvlive I notice it resumes after standby but not after the

Complete shutdown (hold button for 5 seconds) if so where are they kept/called so I can test

Any help appreciated :slight_smile:

DVDs used in DVD menu mode are saved with their own .bmk file.

All others are stored in the Media Library database.

Hi,live streaming box does save the video at the last point it is turn off,and tells to  start or continue to see it ,check your setting.

thanks tony but do you or anyone no if it supposed to remember resume points after a complete shutdown (5 sec press on standby) ?

btw i’m using a pc drive and network cable (not usb)

Yes, it does.

haha sorted…  on the smp you have to press red button and pick “my media library”  as well as having

the media library switched on :flushed:

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