"Resume" function issue


i can resume/restart every video i have in my external hd, only if it’s connected to my wdtv live through USB.

if i browse the same files through lan or i open other files in my C: folders i can do it until my wdtv is on. if i turn it off, it won’t remember anything.

is that normal? is that a “USB only” feature? i can see the .wd_tv (where the resume/replay settings are saved, i guess) only in my external hd, nothing on my pc.

please, let me know. thanks.

Yep, that’s all normal.

IIRC, the only network-based videos that can be resumed are DVDs, because the WDTV will create a Resume-point file for each DVD.   That might only be on the newer Live SMP… I just don’t remember.

Ok, thanks. :slight_smile: