RESUME Data stored on NAS?

I am starting this thread based on a comment FuGGeR made in another post.

 New Firmware creates a .wd_tv folder on NAS with Resume data.

Really?   I hadn’t discovered that yet.   But, all my NAS are Read Only for the WDTV Lives (only the HUB gets WRITE access.)

Can you post some details?   This is very interesting.

The implication would be that you could stop watching something in ONE room and pick it up again in ANOTHER room.

Great idea!

I have a hidden folder named .wd_tv in the root of mybooklive.

It contains a file named


If I convert that file to text it reads


So, this is not so easy as it seems.  :)

This works on TWO of my NAS boxes, but not the other.   But that’s a subject outside of here, unless I can pin down a bug.

But just out of curiousity, anyone here with a QNAP NAS that this *IS* working on?

But, indeed, this works as noted above.

If the Live / Live + has  WRITE ACCESS to the Share, it saves this table to the NAS.

This means:

   1> Even after a full power shutdown, restore to factory defaults, etc. etc. you can still RESUME LATER.

   2> If you have MULTIPLE Live units, you can start a movie in one room.   Then Leave the movie and pick it back up where you left off at another room.