Resume compatability problem

I has a WD TV live in one room and a WD TV Live Plus in another.  Both boxes have the latest updates.These boxes are wired to my home network and connect  to my Mediacenter PC with about 4TB of media storage. Everything worked great (except the delay in connecting to media shares) until recently. We often started a movie in one room, stopped it and resumes it in the other. Now resume will not work. I know the resume file is written to the .WD_TV folder that is located in the root of the current media folder. The video_resume_point_table file can be viewed and edited with notepad. What i noticed is the WD TV Live box now writes the descriper line with the media server as \mediacenter and the WD TV Live Plus writes it as [\mediacenter](file://mediacenter/). So the boxes will not recoginize each others file. You can edit the “” to make things work but it’s a pain. This used to work? One of the recent update changed this?? Any ideas?? Fixes?? If I knew which update did this I could maybe back out?

Thanks for any info,

Hi there, what if you try a roll back and find it’s a firmware issue? Try the previous version for both media players and post again.