Restricting LAN access to USB drive connected to WD TV Live

My WD TV Live is connected to my LAN through the ethernet port and also has an external USB drive connected to it containing my movie files. While this setup works great to stream internet content and to play local files, it allows every PC on my LAN free access to the USB drive and it’s contents from Windows Explorer.

How can I change this to allow only one specific computer on my LAN the ability to access the USB drive through Windows Explorer?

Set a User ID and password on the share when you enable the Share Server on the WD.

Can you explain a bit more on exactly where I would set the username and password?

When I attached my USB drive to the WD, I selected Files>Local Storage to access the files on the drive. There were two other options for the file locations, Media Server and Network Share, which I did not select.




would you like to set up login protection?  Answer YES.

Thanks. It worked great.

I have an external USB drive connected directly to the WD TV live. If I want to access this drive from another PC on the network, will the WD unit need to be turned on or is access still available with the unit turned off?

If it’s OFF, no access.

If it’s in STANDBY, access will work.