Restricting Access on WD Photos App

I am trying to figure out how I can restrict access to certain shares that contain photos with the WD Photos App. I am able to set specific permissions when accessing it using the WD My Cloud app but when I use the WD Photos app, those permissions disappear.


I have 2 shares set up on the drive. Lets call one share Jane & the other John. I have it set so Jane has cloud access to Jane’s share only & John has access to John’s share only. It works perfectly fine when I use the WD My Cloud app…Jane can only see & access her share & John can only see and access his. However when I use the WD Photo App Jane can see not only her photos, but John’s too. John can also see his & Jane’s. 

How do I keep share access restricted across both WD App’s?

Thank you for your help in advance.


I don’t think you can do that as it uses the public share.

Are the pictures on a private share or just another share within the public folder?

They are in a private share. As I mentioned it works fine with the WD my cloud app. Only the person that is granted access can see the pics when using the WD My Cloud app. The problem only occurs when using the WD photos app. It’s like the the permissions disappear.

Is this iOS or Android?

I would have sworn that the WD Photos app *only* uses the Public share and cannot access Private shares.  You’re saying this is no longer true?

We will attempt to duplicate this issue in our lab.

Thanks for reporting this.

Still waiting for a response on this. It seems to be a pretty senseless function to have private shares and be able to restrict shares to only selected users if it doesnt work.

If you desactive the “Media Server” in your private share i think you resolve your problem.

if i active “Média server” in my private share, many programs can open my files without needing to be logged.

i think is a bug

sorry my ingles… i´m portuguese


I ma gaving the same issue, is there any update for this?

thank you

I am running into the same problem.  I consider this a critical flaw, as this pretty much makes private shares useless if you use the WD Photos App.  This issue was reported 5 months ago.  Where is the update for this?

Is there a way to disable folders with pictures that you don’t want to be synced into WDPhotos?

Same problem here too! Any solution?

I can confirm that over a year after this original post, the problem has NOT been resolved. Photos on ALL shares, including private shares, are visible to EVERYONE. This potentially serious security issue has made me reconsider whether I want to continue using the (buggy) WD MyCloud device at all.

Come on WD, reply to our concerns & sort this out. App Store review downgraded to one star in the meantime.

The original date on the 1st post is from November 3rd 2013, or getting close to 6 months. If it displays an older date then try clearing the cache on your browser as it might help correct the disparity. If it still does then would you kindly post a screenshot under a new thread on Forum Feedback alongside the details of your Internet browser and current computer system for analysis?

Thank you very much. 

On the other hand, please visit the following thread:


Ah, apologies.

In England 11/3/13 means 11th March 2013 rather than November 3rd 2013.

Thanks for the additional link - it seems like many people are as upset with this “feature” as I am…