Restoring WD ShareSpace taking FOREVER!

The mistake I made was to select the restore using the Discovery manager tool.  I should have worked a bit longer to find another route causing my issue but felt that the restore of the 3 GB array would be rather quick–30 hours later it is still only 58% complete showing an estimated 470 minutes remaining. The estimation time is so far off because in 3 minutes it hasn’t move.  

Is there another way around this restore or is my only choice to wait now maybe days for this to complete??

I think the main issue is rebuilding the RAID 5 array–had I known this, I would have opted for a different RAID config before restoring.  Wow for something this expensive–this is incredibly show!!   

Hey there, I have the same problem going over 20 hours so far on a 8TB Share.  This is crazy I would have never did a factory reset if I knew this.  Did you find any new fixes…Thanks Jeff

This is the due to the routeen that rebuilds the RAID arrary and there is no way around it.  Regardless of the reason for the reset, the raid rebuilds so one fix fits all.

Right, don’t do that again–I know I won’t!