Restoring to a new Internal hard drive from My Passport

I regularly back up, but never think that I’ll need to use it, but today my internal hard drive stopped working, so I’ve got a problem!

I can buy and fit a new drive without any problems, but where I’m confused is concerning the OS.

Has My Passport backed Windows XP up? My Laptop came with the OS installed and no discs.

Also when you use My Passport and everythings running normally a window appears to interface with My Passport. Obviously the new drive will not have any info on it, so how do you restore the OS (if it’s there) to the internal drive.

A secondary question is, if I don’t hold the OS on the portable drive, is it possible to copy and move the OS from another laptop I own, across to the new internal drive?

Hope someone out there can help me out with answers



You cant back uo the OS if you are using smartware or windows back up, what type of computer do you have.