Restoring original factory installed files on 4TB My Book Essential USB 3.0 Desktop Hard Drive

I erased the original files on my drive by accident.  Can anyone share what files are included on the drive originally?  I’d like to restore it to the state it was from the factory.  I can find the PC and Mac version of the software individually from the Download section, but I can find out how they were organized on the drive originally.

Can someone share a listing of all files/directories on the drive from factory or a zip of all the original file?



Now days a lot of the time the reinstall files are hidden on the computer in a hidden partition. Depending on what computer you have will determine how you access it. Sometimes boot up with Ctrl-F7, etc. Depends on the computer. If not then you need an install DVD and probably the drivers for your computer. 

As a “Hail Mary” attempt, hold the F8 key down when you boot up. If you are lucky it will have a reinstall option there.