Restoring of my vital data from WD Book (3TB)

Hello Everyone,

I am in need of any suggestions/advices on how to Restore my entire 2 TB of vital data from the WD Book External HDD.
I had been using it as normally on my MAC, but then one day it stopped being recognized and then it has been failing to recognize it on the MAC. I never used it on Windows though.

Hence, I would please and please request anyone to suggest me what is to be done with this in order to get my data back!

Thank you in advance,


Sorry to hear about. Are you able to see the external hard drive in Disk Utility? It may appear as usual or greyed out?

Hi Donald,

Appreciate your concern, actually the drive itself is not visible on the My Computer.

Sorry I am bit confused. When you say “My Computer” is this a Windows machine? Or you are saying that drive is not listed under Disk Utility window on Mac system? Let me share one example: In the below image the external USB drive is greyed out (unmounted). Is this the case with your drive too?

Hi Donald,

I had tested it on:

  1. Mac: It is not recognised automatically but then in the Device Utility – it is seen but only asking for initialisation,
  2. Windows: It is not recognised automatically but then in the Devices Management – it is seen but then not accessible at all.

Hi again,

Don’t initialize the drive until the data has been recovered safely. I think you might not have backup? Did you try any data recovery software on this external device? You can also consider some generic tips that might help.

Hi Donald,

Of course I will not do that ‘initialisation’ as it would erase the data…but then yeah, the things that are mentioned under the “generic tips” — I shall try them out and let you know in here.