Restoring from My Passport Ultra


I had to restore all contents from My Passport this week. On reading the manual it says you can select which back up you want to restore. I have set the backup to keep 5 backups.

However, I could not chose anything as there appeared to be only one. When it restored it put contents into a Restore file - no problem but they were not in the document folders originally copied. I had to move things around AND most annoyingly of all a lot of files would not open. It said I did not have the right authority. I had to copy each file, agree that I had the administrators permission into another folder before the files could be opened.

WHY? I am the administrator.

why can you not see the separate backups. When I contacted WD they just said the manual was wrong. That I find hard to believe. Can anyone help please.



Hi Forge11,

How did you take backup and using which software?

Also, you can refer this KBA which allows you to change the file permission.


Hi Brandon P

I failed on all accounts!