Restoring email data

I used the Smartware software to back up data on my wife’s computer to My Passport. A short time later, her computer died and I’m trying to recover her data on a different computer.

I backed up via categories, one of which was, as I recall, was mail. My wife was using Windows Live Mail as her email client.

In response to an earlier question of mine, someone kindly pointed out how I could access the backed up data on another computer by using Windows Explorer.

However, I can’t find the mail data that I believe to have been backed up.

I’d be very grateful if someone could give me any idea of where I should be able to find the email backed up by Smartware.



This seems to be a tough one. I’m still looking. Here’s one link I dug up, but I doubt it is helpful in the current situation.

I’ll post more if I find anything. A key would be to find out what form and location Live Mail stores its messages in. Since it is a successor to Outlook Express, it may have kept .pst files.

Here is a discussion of how to find the message files in Outlook. I am not familiar with Live Mail, but some of the same moves might be involved, though perhaps with different names. If you have installed Live Mail in the new system, try to track down something corresponding to the Account Settings that this article mentions. Knowing a folder name could provide the key to locating her mail in the backups.