Restoring data to a laptop that is wiped clean

I have a MacBook Pro that used High Sierra operating system. The data was backed up using Time Machine to a WD My Book for Mac external hard drive. To make a long story short, the laptop had a malfunction for which the Apple technician recommended that I revert back to the previous operating system, Sierra. In doing so, all the data, apps, etc. were wiped clean from the computer. I have tried to connect the external hard drive directly to the laptop to restore the data, but the laptop does not recognize it. How can I get the data from the external hard drive to the clean laptop? I also have an iMac desktop computer. Is it possible to work through the iMac to get the data from the external hard drive to the laptop?

Does your Mac show up the Time Machine drive? Can you enter into and check your backup.backupdb folder? Boot into Recovery Mode by pressing Command + R once you restart. In there, select “Restore from Time Machine”. Doing this, your last updated backup from the TM will be restored to Mac. Let me know if this works.

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