Restoring Data from Time Machine on My Cloud

Good morning.  I recently had my hard drive replaced on my iMac.  I had been using My Cloud as the repository for my Time Machine backups.  When I started my iMac when I got it home, it is not recognizing where the Time Machine backups are and it does not allow me to navigate to a location to find it.

Has any encountered this same issue and successfully resolved it?  If so, how?

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Have you tried resetting the my cloud so the new installation reads all the devices? If not, you can try using the system only restore.

Is the OS version the same as before?

Thank you for your reply ERmorel.  No, I have not tried that.  Are there instructions that you could direct me to?

I was on Mountain Lion and now I am onYosemite.


Please see page 109, 110 of the user manual