Restoring another files from another users Backup

We have 3 pcs at home all running  WDSmartWare and backing up to one WD drive.  

Since each PC has a separate User Login, I cant see a way that I could restore some files backed up by User 1 to a different PC should  PC1  break.

Please can someone advise if there is a way to restore files from one user’s backup to another PC.  

If not, how do i go about restoring files shpould one of the source PCs bust completely  

You’ll always restore files the same way: Either you go to the retrieve tab or you copy&paste the files out of the SWSTOR folder in the drive.

Now, multiple user accounts are involved, if they are password-protected the files will be restored, but Windows is likely to deny access due to ownership restrictions, on such cases you would need to manually take ownership of those files on the properties.

WD Smartware keep the data of each PC separated, when you are restoring data, you will be presented with the option to choose the backup that you will restore.


PC1 backup

PC2 backup

PC3 backup

Computer number 3 crash and you need to do a restore, you just start the restore process and you will be able to select what backup to restore.

Or, as pizza stated, you can manually copy the data from the drive to your new computer.

Thanks foir the advise, but when I login as User 1 and run WD Smartware, select “Retrieve” Tab, and select  the option “To a Retrieved Content Folder”, then I do not get the options to select filess from User 2’s backuo, only those from User 1.  

How do I get to choose which Backuyp I can select to restore files from ?