Restore without deleted files

After a catastrophic HDD crash, I’m trying to restore using SmartWare to a different HDD. I’ve learned from the forums that the system can’t quite manage a restore to the original location. I’m fine with doing the restore to a folder and then moving the files around.

BUT, how do I restore the files WITHOUT those that had been deleted on the old drive? I can set to retrieve only the newest versions of files, but it’s including all kinds of files that had been deleted on the old drive. How do I toggle that off, and only restore the files that actually existed on the old drive at the time of the crash!

All help much appreciated.

If you select the option to retrieve some files you will see the “Show deleted files” check box, uncheck this box to remove deleted files. See page 16 of the Smartware manual for more information. 

Smartware manual