Restore USB Backup to EX2 without a Backup Job

One of my 2 hard drives in my new EX2 already died. It was an older Hitachi drive so I’m not too surprised. I ordered a WD 2 GB RED drive, installed it, and I believe it’s dead, too. It just whirs and clicks. The EX2 can’t read it. In the process of trying to fix the issue before realizing the new hard drive was indeed dead, I did a quick restore of the system, losing all backup Jobs to my 5GB USB hard drive.

Once I get a working hard drive and have things working again, can I just copy from the USB drive back to the EX2 to restore all my data? I hope the answer is yes.


YES ofcourse, the roestore from USB it’s a simply copy/paste so you can do it manually

Thank you, Simone. I was 90% sure I could just copy, but needed someone to confirm. I’m waiting for the replacement hard drive to be delivered, then hopefully I can get things up and running again.