Restore to original folder: is folder overwritten?

I need to restore from the beginning of the month some backed up files in multiple folders, using the WD software that came with the Passport HDD (ver. 1.8.6312.2156). During the period since the backup, I have added many new files in many of those same folders.

  1. If I select from the backup the high level folder names and, thus, all files within them, and choose to restore to original folders, will the newer files on the target be replaced by the restored folders or the backed up files being restored simply written to the original folders preserving their current contents?

  2. As a corollary, if by chance there currently exists a file in a target folder with the same name as the file being restored, what action would the restore s/w perform?

Many thanks in advance!

Hello pasavage,

Which WD software have you used to create the backup on the drive?

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As I said, WD – Backup.

Nobody can answer this for me? Even Logan.H from ‘WDStaff’ failed to come back. This is a bit of a disappointment. I shall have to play around and answer it for myself, then.

Hello pasavage,

I was away so couldn’t reply back, Excuse me for the delay

  1. Restoring to the original folders will not over write the already existing data in the folders.

  2. If same file already exists in the location, the restored files will show up as a copy of the original.

Thank you, Logan. You’ve restored my faith! That’s good news since I really don’t have the time to experiment and, if necessary restore the whole structure each time! I was hoping it’d do something like that since it is logical but, assuming, as we have been told, makes an … Well. You know.

Again, thank you!