Restore Time Machines Fails

Hi all,

I had to reboot my iMac as a result of it not performing that well.

I’ve a 2017 iMac… the basic version.

Never had an issue with restoring when changing iMac’s.

I go to ‘restore from time machine backup’ and then add my log in details once its found my Time Machine (Mycloud).

Like so…

I click connect etc…

I then get the following errors. Firstly, my ‘Public’ option isnt selectable as states, 'there is a problem with this backup…,

I click the only one available being the iMac.purgeable and that also fails. States an unexpected error.

My dashboard confirms that clearly I’ve still a load of data on the device.

Any ideas… happy to loose the lot. Just not the photos.

Thanks in advanced…

Hi SyeRoberts,

You refer to the link mentioned below to resolve your issue.