Restore softwares to passport se for mac

i have a new 1T passport se for mac which i have formatted (hfs+ journaled) as a partition. i have followed the suggestions in the Knowledge Base but to no avail. Can anybody guide me as to how i can restore the drive to its out the box state.

i have emailed to WD but i have not  got a reply yet. 

The reason why i had to reformat the drive was that upon updating the software as prompted during the installation process, the screen froze and i can’t exactly remember what i did. But upon connecting the drive again, an icon of a drive with a timer logo came up on my desk top.

please assist anyone… thank you much

I don’t know about Macs. On Windows when you reformat it’s best to delete the volume. I don’t know about the Mac part whether it’s any help or not. Not doing so in Windws can cause format errors.


hi joe

tq and i will try it

can u or anyone also outline the steps for restoring the vcd.

tq again