Restore SafePoint type backup feature from MBL product line\ACRONIS app on Gen 2

As best I understand it Safepoint mirrored data and not as an archived container, the same files and tree structure, which I grew to appreciate and found useful. I would call it differential as opposed to incremental as it updated all changed files and removed deleted files(this is a major missing function in the current copy or synchronize options, with incremental not available…even though it isn’t the same as safepoint either).

I had hoped Acronis, with it’s inclusion in WD products, would provide an option BUT the Gen 2 is the one device the app is not available on!

Even so using Acronis offloads the duty to a PC, rather than the backup running self contained on the NAS device, so means leaving a PC running 24/7. AND Acronis creates the aforementioned archival containers which I don’t want. I want to be able to pull the backup and access it without any special software anywhere on any machine.

I am still researching Acronis for some usability within my needs but that also means additional cost and work that was integral to the MBL line.

I use one Mirror Raid 1 mirroring for my most critical data ONLY by necessity now, even though I have two large WD USB 3.0 desktop drives for what I expected to be able to do. The other Mirror is Raid 0 for large amounts of media that even incremental speed increase over mirroring is helpful, and will use some method of backup as awkward as it is to either my 8 or 10TB external drives NEWLY PURCHASED for this purpose. What a waste.

PLEASE FIX…I have always been a loyal WD customer and am vested now but I do not understand how short sighted the architects of these new devices could be…unfortuneately both my MBL & DUO devices were experiencing warnings and at 50,000+ hours so I had to do something ergo the new My Cloud.

If you have any suggestions for alternatives I am open but do hope you restore the Safepoint functionality, and comment why the changes.
Thank you