Restore MyBookLive Backup Profile?

I recently had to reformat and restore my hard disk. Luckily Smartware seems to have done its job and I’m working through restoring all my files.

What I can’t find, though, is the profile I was using to do the backups - what I mean is the list of directories to backup. It took me a while to figure out what to include and I assume that that’s stored somewhere. With a bit of luck it was also backed up but I don’t know where to look. I’d like, if possible to use the same list again without having to figure it all out.

Also, the PC has the same name as before but I’d like to start a whole new series of backups, rather than just add to the old one. I see that the folder on the backup has the PC’s name - can I just rename the old one?



If you are referring to the folders that you manually selected on the Smartware UI, you need to select those again when you start a new backup. Since you had to reinstall Windows, you need to setup a new backup, Smartware will not use the old backup folder again.

Thanks, Ichigo, I was hoping that that list might have been stored somewhere as a profile or some such which would save me the hassle of figuring them all out again.