Restore Microsoft outlook contacts and mail from backup

I just wiped my hard drive and reinstalled windows and all my programs.  I am proud of myself because I figured it out and this isn’t my area of expertise!  My problem is that my current 2007 Microsoft Outlook contacts and mail won’t or can’t be put where they need to be to be usable.  I see the files in my retrieve folder but they are dbx files.  I am running Vista.  Can anyone help!?!?!  Thank You!  Lisa


Files that contain the .dbx file extension are used by the Microsoft Outlook Express email application. The DBX files contain folders that have been created by the Microsoft Outlook Express email program. These folders contain the email messages that are stored in a specific mailbox.

Each mailbox that is in a user’s Outlook interface will have its own DBX file. For example, the Outlook “Inbox” will have a corresponding inbox.dbx file. The “Sent” mail folder will have a sent.dbx file. A DBX file will be assigned to each of the user’s Outlook Express folders, including the custom folders that are created by the user. The DBX files can then be copied to another location so that a user can back up their email messages or transfer their emails to another computer when needed.

So, Basically you need to restore the files to an specific folder and then move the files to the outlook folder on your computer. You should be able to open the files from your outlook