Restore Issues


I am trying to restore my WD DX4000 NAS. I’ve tried a handful of different USB drives and the restore still fails.
The Error I am getting is 0x80070570. I am currently trying the option to restore/reformat the drives which seems to be taking FOREVER.


If you have a good download verified with the hash file all I can offer is I had a buddy same error and it was his flash drive


I looked on WD site and they said to use a 16 or 32 gb 2.0 drive. so thats what i am using. how do you verify the download with the hash file though?


look through this one


fwiw I have used usb 3.0 no problems



then you need another thumb drive


Any particular brand you recommend?


I used these last time


Ive tried 3 or 4 different brands and still no luck!