Restore Image - bloatware removed + transmission


Can anybody compile a restore image with the latest firmware but with all the bloatware services turned off and transmission installed ? 

That woulr be awsome to have, in order to unbrick the device in a fully working stage

Easy way: Connect my repo:

Then, run:

apt-get remove --purge wd-nas

All WD software will be deleted. Include Web server (Apache2/php/mysql) and ssh server, so install it again:

apt-get install openssh-server transmission-daemon

Or you can try prepare clean image (Using debootstrap). All instructions in my folder.

Also - you can delete all start scripts of WD’s services from /etc/init.d (Maybe need reinstall ssh server)

The thing is, my linux skills are not that good, and maybe someone more taught (like you) can do some kind of tutorial for this

To you laziness to use search?

I know about your clean debian image. I allredy tried it. 

I am talking about having the original firmware, where we have those good speeds.

It would be great to have the MyCloud running ok, with default interface and filesystem. 

Or, maybe clean debian but with speeds as good as on stock 4.xx firmware ?