Restore help

Wife’s Mac Book pro hard drive failed.  Apple care installed new drive, logic board, and reinstalled Leopard.

I downloaded anywhere backup software and intalled on the repaired mac.

When I try to restore, anywherebackup says restore was successful, but the files aren’t there.  I click on address book, mail, and there is nothing.  What am I missing?

Where did you restore your files?  Did you restore them to a particular folder or to the original location?  Otherwise, you copy/paste your files back from your drive without WD Anywhere Backup as long as you didn’t create an encrypted backup.

Personally, I would not use the companion backup software with the ShareSpace.  In fact. I would not use any backup tools that comes piggy backed with any platform–the reason–they are unreliable and not worth the risk.

If trouble free back protection aganist a drive crash or disasterous hardware failure is desired, these “lite” or file only backup programs wil not restore your system if you lose your files.  If one can’t depend on that, what good is the back up? 

Having a failure like you reported, without a hard drive image, you have to realod every piece of software on the system.  Acronis for Windows is the true answer–while not perfect, it is the far and away the safest most reliable. An image saves the files, programs and OS–isn’t that what a back should provide to a user? 

For the MAC there is are good programs other than TimeMachine which will indeed provide an image unlike TimeMachine.  

I like the WDshareSpace but I recommed it be limited to anFTP server (which currently is  not working in my device for some strange reason) or as a mass storage NAS device, or a media server–these are the safest and least disruptive uses in case of one of the many disaterous things to which this great, but unfortunately poor beast is prone to encounter.  IMHO.

Best of luck in your recovery.