Restore hdd to NTFS

Hello, I have a “WD my passport essential 1 TB”. Since I use mac and have a time machine backupdevice I followed the manual instructions and formated my external drive to the “GUID” format. Then later when my TV couldn´t find the drive I noticed that it only can read NTFS formats. So now I want to remove my GUID partition and restore it to the NTFS format. 

I would be really glad if someone could help me with this, otherwise I don´t have any use for this device…

here you have full instructions from the wd website

Keep in mind that changing the partition on the unit will erase all the information on the drive.

I also tried to find the answer there before, but when I´m on the mac I can´t find a way to format it to NTFS. Now it says “Mac OS extended(journaled)” after I downloaded the WD quick formater for mac. I think if I could download the windows version it would format it to NTFS… 

So the only way to restore it when it´s mac formated, is to install wd quick install on a pc and there reformat it?