Restore from WD3200. Can,t read files

I backed up my computer 2 years ago and shortly thereafter the hard drive crashed and was gone. I have a new PC and restored the files. However, when I try to access the files  I get a warning that access is denied. Does anyone know why? 

This is caused by enforced NTFS file protection & profile mismatch. You have to take ownership of those folders. You need to login as an administrator. (Default user account has admin privileges) If you use Window 7, open Windows explorer and click Organize pull down menu. Click Folder and Search Options. Now click View tab on Folder Options window. Scroll down until the end of the check list. Uncheck “Use Sharing Wizard (Recommended)” if it already checked.

Now go to this MS link and find out how to take the ownership of files created on different profile.

Please note that if you had enabled Bit-Locker on old files, there is no known method or accessing files without the correct security certificate unless you backed up your old security certificates separately.