Restore does not generate all the information saved during the last backup


Passport 500 GB drive

New computer ASUS running Windows 8 and Office 7.

Initial backup on 03-22-2012 from an old computer.

Last backup on 10-18-2013, on the old computer.

Restore on a new computer.

The WD has the records of the last backup, five files with dates of 10/18/2013.

However, there are no internal files with any dates from 2013, restored to he computer or on the WD.

This include tax files, Outlook files and Quickbook files from 2013.

Are these 2013 files still on the WD?

Where do I look to find these files on the WD and restore them manually to my hard drive?



If the files were copied with WD SmartWare, then you should be able to locate them inside the “.SWSTOR” folder within the WD Passport device.