Restore deleted UDF partition

Hello, does nayone know how to restore UDF partition to My Passport Ultra Metal Edition or any other WD drives, if it has been deleted earlier.
I would like to have the harddrive encrypted so that the NTFS partition where data are stored can be protected.

How did you deleted UDF partition? As I know if is not possible. Oh well, you can try WD Utilities or update the FW to get the UDF partition. FW updating might able to create the partition but then there is not image in there. Using WD utilities to format the drive after 5 attempt password might re-create the partition and also put the image in the partition. Good luck.

I do not exactly remember how I deleted the UDF partition but there was instruction in the internet using different tools. I will add the link once I come across again. Related to your tip, WD utilities does not now even recognise this WD drive anymore to be able to do perform any actions. The other suggestion about FW up update, where and how can that be done?
Oh yes, I used AOMEI Partition Assistant for cleaning up the WD partition.
And I tried formatting it many times but did not help.

Use can get WD firmware updater from here

but that only let you re-flash the firmware and create that hidden partition. But it would not flash the ISO image to that hidden partition. You might need to call WD support line for help or send the drive to them to get it fix.