Restore Deleted Files

Is there a way to restore deleted files on My Passport Ultra?

gOOgle … Data Recovery Software

Tip: For successful data recovery stop using the hard drive ie. do not copy any files to it or delete or move anything before attempting to recover files.

You will also need recover the deleted files to a different hard drive … you can recover them to the same hard drive. Once you have recovered them, sure … you can move them back.

Yes, there is a way to restore deleted files from My Passport Ultra, with the help of a trustworthy data recovery software. You can Google for data recovery software and there you’ll find numbers of options, however, very few of them are the ones you can rely on.

Here I recommend you to try Stellar Data Recovery software that will help you recover your deleted data without any hassle. To know more about the software you can check the below link:

Hope it will help!

Thanks, this sw seems great, found a lot of data. Almost 500GB on my 1TB drive. Now, if I want to recover it - is there any other way than buing the sw? I´m not against paying for the service, but I don´t need the sw, and I hope I will not need in future :slight_smile:
Thanks for help.

Well, there is no such software that will let you recover about 500 GB of data or unlimited data free of cost. You have to purchase the software to recover this much amount of data. Free or Trial version of any software will only allow the user to recover limited data up to 1 or 2 GB. In order to recover more data, you have to go for the licensed version.