Restore data using ElephantDrive app on EX2100 NAS

I’ve got a western digital EX2100 NAS that I’ve replaced the drives on. I’ve had my data backing up to ElephantDrive for some time now, and I’ve consistently verified the data in my elephant account. I’m trying to execute a restore to get the data onto my new drives in my NAS, but the restore that I’ve defined in my elephant drive account doesn’t seem to be starting, despite the fact that I’ve tried to manually start it several times. I’ve been trying to do this from my elephantdrive account, as I can’t see how to do it from the app on the NAS side of things, but I can’t help but to wonder if there’s a way to set it up from the NAS. I just need some help getting this restore kicked off and the data back to my local NAS, please.

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