Restore data from IO error in My Passport

Dear all,

My passport drive didn’t work after I tried to copy a file from my computer to my passport drive. The copy failed, it lasted hours and still can not finish.  My passport failed too. Windows 7 can not display the drive name of my passport anymore, even I can find it under Device manager. The Disk Management says there are I/O errors.

Is there anyway I can restore my data? And I don’t understand why copying data hurts the my passport USB drive.

Thank you very much!

If there’s an I/O error then there’s a problem on the physical connection. Change the cable first, if that doesn’t work then the problem is the USB connector on the drive itself.

With the I/O error you won’t be able to recover the data via software.

This just happened to me last night. So basically what you are saying is that all of my data is lost with no way to recover it.

If another cable doesn’t work probably the only option left is professional data recovery. You just learned the hard lesson many of already learned the hard way. Never trust important data to just one drive no matter who makes it. One copy is not a backup you need 2 copyies. minimum.