Restore Data after Quick Restore

Good Day Guys
I had an issue with Wordpress not connecting to a database and decided to do a Quick Restore to reset the WD Settings, did not realize this would Destroy my Files on the Hard Drives ( I have a Gen 2 Mirror working with 2 3 TB HD in Mirror )
I have lost all my kids baby pictures so much of my work files everything lost, they never gived a warning like most products that your data will be distroyed
I’m searching for a solution to recover my files
I tried following this post How to recover deleted files but I am afraid I’m not that tech savy I got up to the part to download Putty
Please can anyone help. I’m going to loose so much stuff :frowning:

Hi migevie,

You can refer the link mentioned below about the quick restore which states that "A Quick Restore reverts all system settings to their defaults and erases all data and shares on the device by performing a quick format."

You can contact Data Recovery to recover the data from the drive from the link given below to safely.

It is recommended not to create new users or shares before recovering the data. If you create any new share or user it may overwrite old deleted data.