Restore backup

I have no problems with installing, updating, making backup etc. although I am near 70 old.

I was checking Smartware during last ten days and for me this is good application(simple and friendly)

My problem is quite other. Is it logical that after restoring, I found on my internal HDD folders and files I earlier delete from HDD?

Next problem. In Settings I set History on 2. All previous versions of files I have changed, were restored on HDD.

Is it good? For me no, because after, for example a year, I must do restore and I will have a big job to delete all unneeded files and folders. What is Your opinion?

Forgive my not good english.


After few minutes I have an idea for WD Smartware team. Is it possible to insert two questions inside Smartware while restoring:

first- Copy deleted folders and subfolders; yes or no?

second- Copy previous versions of files; yes or no?

I think you are right, eventhough smartware is really cool it has some tricks. After you learn those trick you are good to go.

You can post your ideas on this link:

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