Restarting / Reinstalling firmware/software for MyBook Essential

Had to disable the smartware softwear with my previous PC (Windows XP) as it kept slowing / crashing my PC. Used it as a manual backup drive. Now got new PC (Windows 7) , moved all the files to another hard drive, so MyBook is clear. Tried to update firmware, but that didnt work. How do I get the correct firmware/software back on MyBook, so it operates normally? thanks

Select your model and click on the firmware update.

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Just purchase My Book Essential - 1st time using external hard drive for media storage. Installed the entire software set-up and am regretting not having set-up backups manually. Since you’ve done this, I hope you or another member can answer couple questions… First, does copying files manually mean cut & paste, therefore giving greater control to content backup, and will the files then shown on the backup drive more closely resemble files as they appear in windows explorer? Second, what is involved in the process of deleting everything and then re-setting the drive for manual backup? Read the user manual but not very clear… Thanks