Restart loop with dropped Internet connection

I lost my home’s Internet connection due to a DSL line issue and now both my TV Live Streaming Media Player and my hub are in a continuous restart loop.

if I unplug the ethernet cable, I am able to get the menu; however, it will restart if I plug the ethernet back in again. I have a NAS that I stream video from, but obviously I need a player that isn’t in a restart loop.

Streaming Media Player v2.01.86

Hub v3.11.10 (3.12.13 broke My Media Library mapping to my NAS and I’m waiting a fix… one day maybe)

Any advice?

Have you rebooted your router?

I have rebooted the router actually.  No joy.  

What I find odd is that both my player and hub are doing this even though the hub is so far behind in features.  I just thought of this now, but the only thing that I can think of that they have in common that would immediately seek an Internet connection is the Accuweather app or checking for firmware updates.  The only other Internet apps I use are Netflix and Pandora and I don’t really think they would try the Internet at start up.

When I get home. I’ll disconnect the Ethernet, disable Accuweather, and try again.