Restart every time I want to see a movie

Hello friends,

Today I buy a WD TV Live Plus. I have a 1Tb WD hard disk.

I update the firmware also.

The thing is that when I turn the WDTV on, ir reads the videos, several formats, and reproduce the first. If I try to reproduce another one, it get loading it (the circle spinning). To see another movie, I have to turn it off and on again.

Sometimes this does not work and I have to do it again.

Does anybody has the same problem ??


DonChopan (Chile)

You could try resetting the live via the side button. Press for one second and then release with the unit fully booted up.

It may be that the movie you are trying to play is ‘bad’. After attempting to play a ‘bad’ file the WDTV will hang up and will not play any file. See if its a particular file that causes this and post the mediainfo. (free)

Many txs for your reply. Will try this arternoon. Anyway last night I try several times with meny movies and it happens the same thing over and over. I hope somebody from WD can see this posts and fix if for the next firmware.