Resource Access controll change and Public Read only


Today the shares are restricted in an non optimal way.

A small tweak would make a big differance.

To day the Shares are given access as Public Access = on/off

When public is set to off it’s possible to set the access per users.

Today only the users are listed, but by adding a “Public Access” in that list as well

it would be possible to grant read access to all and still keep write access restricted to named users.

(It would show up as a created user but on the top row and connected to all users instead of share users)

It would also be good if it was possible to set a quota or size limit per Share in the same screen.

In adittion it would be nice to be able to configure resources/shares from the “Users” tab as well.

Offcourse it would be very useful if there was an admin option in the user section as well to secure that not all users

can change settings and other shares than they have access to (unless they are admin).

Thanks in advance, Niklas

Idea approved for voting.