Resolving Alias and unable to connect

I just installed my new My Book Live yesterday and I am a novice on NAS.  I began to transfer music from an external hard drive to the My Book.  Overnight, it stopped due to a faulty file.  When I tried to access the drive, I received the following message “resolving alias to public”.  After a short time, it kept this message up and said it cannot connect to the IP address.  I am confused and could really use a bit of assistance.  I tried to reset the My Book thinking it might help.  It didn’t.  The green light on the My Book is blinking green even though it is no longer receiving files.

I did change the name of the “public folder” and wonder if that is an issue. 

I am using a MacBook.

Thanks in advance for any help.

I unistalled and reinstalled and things are working better.  Still surprised at how long it takes to transfer music files to this device.